1951 Ford F4

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This is not a mainstream truck. Was it hard to sell? Did you have trouble selling it? How nice was it? Great profit. Great work. I am looking at TWO nut and bolt restored F550 and F350 Trucks in my home town in Iowa. They are incredible and are perfect. Know of any buyers? Value? Thanks.

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It seems to me that the flatbed trucks are not as easy to sell as regular beds. But some people do really enjoy them. I have had great luck with larger trucks is long as they are a bit custom and the right color

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Me too! I have made good money with larger trucks. They just have to be really really nice. There is a collector out there for any thing nice!

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I hear you that you all had success but I like larger markets to sell into. The way I look at it is that if there are more buyers then I have a better chance of selling my cars. I do mainly 2000s Mercedes. Pretty good margins. Old school luxury.

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