CarFlipping In The News

  • FORBES: CarFlipping the Creme de la Creme Cars Cost BIG Money but Make BIG Money :

    If you "Double your bet" on your Car Flips it may just payoff. Classic cars led the pack with a staggering 430% rise in value, outpacing even gold, which was by far the best-performing mainstream asset with a 273% increase in value since 2003. “You shouldn’t buy a passion asset just because it may grow in value—it should also bring you pleasure.” Use the CarFlipping tools to profit from your passion and forget the real estate investments.

    Classic Cars Trump Luxury Real Estate for Return on Investment
  • THE TELEGRAPH: CarFlippers in the UK Earning Strong Returns:

    Americans are NOT the only ones earning big returns with their CarFlipping investments. In the UK, luxury cars have spectacularly outstripped everything else in the index over the last 10 years. “The reason why classic cars have gone up so much in value is because they are a tangible asset in an uncertain economic world.” CarFlippers are keeping the heritage on the road while enjoying their tangible assets. “It is a win-win situation."

    Classic cars shrewdest investment: It's a Win Win Situation
  • FOX NEWS BUSINESS: 760 Cars Sold in 5 Days generating MILLIONS in profit for CarFlippers:

    Get some CarFlipping "Tips" from Fox Business News. Drive up your returns with Cars. Turning your CarFlipping hobby into big bucks. Meet a high end investor that has flipped cars for HUGE profits. Follow and specialize in your Car Make / Model niche. Choose cars YOU like but do NOT get emotional. Buying from auction houses, brokers or dealers is difficult due to higher prices. Find private sellers on the FlipBuyer tool and your margins will be better. Do your homework and profit from your passion!

    CarFlipping: Invest in Classic Cars?
  • THE ECONOMIST: CarFlipping Blue-Chip Classic Cars has been Lucrative this Decade:

    Up 53% in the past two years! An index of the top 50 luxury Ferraris, Porsches, etc. compiled by the Historic Automobile Group increased by 53% in the two years to July 2013. Investments you can enjoy while profiting. Diversify, hold tangible investments and get on the road with them! The average classic car only clocks about 80 miles a year on it but you will do more.

    The Economist Profiting from your Car Fruits of Labor
  • YAHOO FINANCE: Classic Cars - The Best ‘Alternative Investment’ of All:

    Classic Cars up 39% outperforming Gold, Art, Collectibles, International Stock Markets, Wine and Coins! These top gems are in high demand. Many of these cars are bringing well over $1 million dollars or as high as $52 Million! This is NOT a bubble. These cars are strong and here to stay. You do not need a million dollars to make money investing in classic cars; you can start investing and flipping cars for as little as $1,000.

    Cars: The Top Investment in 2013! Outperforming all alternative investments.
  • CNBC: Flipping Several Cars for Profit:

    What? Restoring cars CAN actually be profitable? We don't recommend full restorations to make money flipping cars, but here are some folks who were able to restore and flip while making a profit. Several of the cars they purchased and sold they did not do anything to them except drive them! That's the CarFlipping way! Thanks to our friends in Lubbock, TX for bringing a few American Rides back to the roads including a: 1957 Chevy BelAir, 1932 Ford Model AA, 2008 GT Tjaarda 550R, 1929 Chevrolet Model A C Coupe, 1963 Chevrolet C10, 1965 Chevrolet Impala, 1957 Studebaker Silverhawk, 1956 Chevrolet Gasser, 1965 Corvette "Big Block", and a 1965 Flared Fender Corvette.

    Flipped Cars: 10 Rebuilt Rides That Turned a Profit
  • FOX News: CarFlipping Increasing in the Volatile Market:

    We all know that people "Flip" real estate but flipping cars? Yes! Flipping cars is better than flipping houses and people are profiting everywhere. There has never been MORE buyers for your flips. Due to the market conditions, individuals are looking for reasonably priced rides that can get them from point "A" to point "B". Make sure you do your homework when you flip and get that car inspected before you buy it to avoid costly mistakes. "Flipping cars is sizzling."

    CarFlipping Increasing in Used Car Market
  • THE WASHINGTON POST: Forget Gold. CarFlipping Classic Cars is the New HOT Investment:

    That is correct; classic cars have outperformed the stock market, fine art collectibles, antiques and now GOLD! As an index, classic automobiles have more than doubled over the past five years, and grown by 28 percent in the last 12 months!!!! Why? 1. They are NOT making anymore (in fact, there are few and few each day); 2. They are tangible and investors are attracted to tangible investments when the stock markets are volatile and; 3. The market of buyers is only getting LARGER with international buyers and ease of worldwide importing and exporting.

    Classic Cars are up 28% in the last 12 Months!