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CarFlipping is the process of buying cars, vehicles or automobiles and selling them for more than you pay for them. CarFlipping follows the simple business rule of....”Buy Low, Sell High”. Like any business, CarFlipping is identifying reasonably priced goods that can be resold at a higher price by i). Re-Marketing the product better than the original seller; ii). Restoring, repairing, or improving the product; or iii). Selling the product to a larger potential buyer pool.

Believe us when we say this, and its Members, collectively, have tried flipping just about everything else you can imagine. Anything from antiques, baseball cards, coins, dolls, computers, bicycles, office equipment, building materials, stocks, oversupply inventory to yachts, tractors, real estate (residential AND commercial), airplanes, etc. There is incredible opportunity in flipping the previously mentioned items HOWEVER, the members are ONLY flipping cars now for the following reasons (to name a few):

●Significantly more BUYERS. Lets face it, everyone needs a car.

●Growing Market. With the current Economic environment, less people are inclined to go buy new cars and are keeping their used cars longer. This is increasing demand for used cars.

●Less risk. When Flipping Cars for a Profit you are buying a TANGIBLE item. As long as it is insured, it will not go to ZERO and you wont loose all of your money (like stocks for example).

●More Money to be made. It is not uncommon to earn 30% in less than 30-45 days when flipping cars. This is 240% to 360% percent annual return.

●International Market of Buyers. There are Buyer all around the world for the right cars.

●Less initial investment. Unlike flipping other items like houses, furniture, etc. you can start flipping cars with as little as $200 (or zero with the FlipBuyer Program)

●MORE FUN. Yes!!! You can drive them, work on them, show them off, take them to shows, etc. etc. offers a “DashBoard” of tools to help you be successful buying and selling automibles;

The Manual:

Get under the hood and learn the secrets from the Pros! The Manual is a 150+ page step by step playbook that will guide you through buying the right car and selling it for a profit and all the steps in between.

The FlipFinder Tool:

SEE THE DEALS FIRST! The FlipFinder is a one of a kind proprietary tool that will GUARANTEE you find the cars you are looking for. Like finding a needle in a haystack, FlipFinder will do all the work for you, searching millions of ads, to deliver what you want right to your CarFlipping account or inbox in REAL TIME.

The Community:

WHERE TOP ENTHUSIASTS CONNECT! The Community is where top car enthusiast, all over the world, come together to share their stories, knowledge and resources. There is no limit to the information our members find on The Community.

The FlipBuyer Program:

YOU DONT NEED MONEY TO BE A SUCCESSFUL CARFLIPPING.COM MEMBER! GET PAID TO FIND DEALS! The FlipBuyer program is your way to earn Finders Fees just by finding good deals. If you’re passionate about cars and know a good deal, but simply don’t have the time, money, or confidence to flip them yourselves, FlipBuyer will put money in your pocket.

CarFlipping DealJacket Paperwork System:

Some of the most costly mistakes in the car world are stemmed from improper paperwork. The DealJacket system is a unique assistance program where your CarFlipping membership will give you direct access to car dealers who will work with you to make sure your paperwork is prepared accurately and legally.

The CarFlipping GearBox:
ALL THE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES YOU NEED! The Gearbox is a list of credible third party sources to make buying and selling cars even easier. The Gearbox includes auto shippers, parts resources, insurance companies, auto appraisal companies, photographers, auto dealership resources, and many more!

As a Member of you have access to ALL of the tools for YOU to be success. Members can utilize all of the tools available or just some of the tools available depending upon Member i). experience level; ii). personal goals; iii). capital; iv). networking needs; v). location; vi). resource needs; vii). education needs; viii). search experience; ix). time restrictions; x). paperwork needs; xi). skill levels; to name a few. The point is that is not just another “web tutorial” that will sell you something and not provide the support, tools or network to execute. CarFlipping is here for you EVERY step of the way, from beginner to advanced. If you are successful then we are successful, so will never restrict Members from the tools that are available.

We are successful if YOU are successful and we have stayed committed to this concept since inception. With that as our core value, we INVEST alongside you and support you in your CarFlipping endeavor by funding your Flips. That is right, we will BUY the cars you find and pay YOU your finds. No need to tie up your cash, let pay you to find deals while you keep your wallet in your pocket. Whether this is a full time gig and you flip several cars a week or this is a hobby for extra cash, we are your co-pilot and, to prove this, we are putting “skin in the game”. Submitting FlipBuyer deals is simple with an online application process for members only. Deals are reviewed quickly and finders fees are paid upfront.

The answer is easy. Whether you are a dealer, or private party individual buying and selling cars for a profit, you are still a CarFlipper. Our knowledge and tools will help you find, qualify and turn your inventory faster and more efficiently. In addition, the networking aspect of is an amazing asset for your business. Several Dealers are Members of Give it a try today!

Not a problem! The vehicle industry is enormous and the market you are about to enter is one of the largest markets in the world. There are an estimated 806 million cars and light trucks in the world. This represents one of the largest transaction based industries in the world. Think of the numbers: with 806 million vehicles in the world and the average owner keeping a car for 5 years, this translates into approximately 161 million car transactions a year! We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of transactions every day worth millions of dollars. What other industry has that? We guarantee that this is NOT an issue. In fact, many of our members report that there are more deals “on the radar” than there are hours in the day to get the deals done!

Consider this – Manhiem Used Car Auctions recently reported that the average large dealership’s net profit for used vehicles was only $230.00 per car and $14.00 per car for new cars! So, why do dealerships even bother with new cars? The answer is to drive traffic for people buying used cars or trading in used cars. The large dealership new auto sales numbers are horrendous! The large dealerships make a lot of their money through financing, service, parts, etc. What's more is that anyone that has been to a dealer auction lately knows that the dealers are fighting tooth and nail for quality inventory. Even the new car stores (yes, the dealerships with the balloons and 50 foot blow-up gorillas) are desperate for used car inventory as those sales are what allow them to keep their lights on.

As a Member you have the potential to make up to 10 times more than the dealers on a sale. The Community has an average net profit (calculated from actual transactions by CarFlipping members) of over $2,400 per car because our members follow the tried and true processes to doing deals. Also, Members don't have near the overhead expenses that a dealership does. They don’t have 100’s of employees or a $50,000 monthly rent factor that dealerships do! is so confident that you will find your Membership valuable that it provides a 100% money back guarantee. Click HERE to see details. In addition, review the track record to see REAL CARS, REAL PEOPLE AND REAL PROFITS. These are Members using their CarFlipping Tools to PROFIT. Click HERE to see the TRACK RECORD. Still not comfortable? See what Members are saying. Click HERE to see some Testimonials. is here for you every step of the way. Contact us anytime at

In the CarFlipping Manual, we recommend that people check with their state to see how many cars they can flip in a year and NOT be required to get a dealers license. Many states are as high as 15 cars per year! (Indiana, for example, lets you flip 12 cars/year without a license...that's one a month!) You can see an interactive map below or go HERE for specific state requirements.

Options are:

  • Get a dealers license in your specific state (wholesale license or retail license depending upon your sale channel and volume). You can cheaply and easily do this with these guys:
  • "Flip" or "Curb-stoning" titles (This is illegal in most, but not all, states. This is when you buy a car and leave title open for your buyer to fill in. We do NOT recommend this, but it is a practice in the industry).
  • Team up with a local car dealer to do the paperwork for you. There is often a small fee involved ($150 to $399). This can certainly be the easiest route.

All in all, it really depends on your situation: where you live, how many cars your want to flip, etc. We explain ALL options in the CarFlipping Manual including detailed positives and negatives. Ultimately, making a recommendation specifically for you depends upon your individual situation.

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As a you will learn how to profit from your passion of the automobile.

To start, the Manual contains crucial information from hundreds of flippers. From “introducing” the concept of buying and selling cars for a profit to selling specialized vehicles all over the world, you will learn:

  • How to identify a good deal vs. a bad deal:
  • How to use the state-of-the-art FlipFinder technology to bring deals directly to you;
  • How to negotiate and save you money when buying cars;
  • How to avoid costly mistakes when Flipping Cars for Profit or buying cars for your own account;
  • The differences in car prices between state lines (Geographic Arbitrage);
  • How to understand AND BEAT Depreciation;
  • How to understand the secrets of shipping cars all over the world;
  • To Identify which cars have better profits than others;
  • How to specialize in areas that fit YOUR passion and desires;
  • How to navigate all of the Auto Related websites (Buying & Selling);
  • How to navigate all of the PRINT related auto publications (Buying & Selling);
  • How to inspect a car with a full inspection list;
  • How to recognize a fraud when you see one;
  • The best way to pay for your flips (your money or not);
  • Whether or not you should restore or fix a specific vehicle;
  • Ideas on storing your cars;
  • How to protect your investment post purchase;
  • The inside and out when it comes to vehicle paperwork secrets;

For a layout of the Manual Table of Contents click: HERE

In addition to the Manual, you will learn:

  • How to use the state-of-the-art FlipFinder Technology to find ANY car you are looking for;
  • From the Community (network, read what people are saying, get your questions answered, etc.);
  • How to find deals AND make money without using any of your own money using the FlipBuyer Program;
  • How to do your paperwork the right way and avoid costly mistakes and liability exposure with the Dealership Paperwork Program;
  • About getting the parts you need, the right cost for shipping and much more from the CarFlipping GearBox.

The learning options are endless. If you are a Car Guy, or are even vaguely interested in cars, you will find unparallel benefits in the Membership. No member benefits the same, the slate of tools are there for each unique user to benefit in their OWN way. Whether you are finding a car you have always wanted, learning from the Community or working hard on a flip for some extra cash it is all here in the Membership.

The CarFlipping Manual is an all encompassing road map that will lead you down the road to successful CarFlipping! The foundation of the Manual is based on REAL experiences from REAL cars, REAL people and REAL profit. Nothing replaces experience when it comes to searching for, finding, negotiating, buying, shipping, insuring, and marketing cars for sale. With over 150 pages of priceless information, you will learn more than you can imagine about cars, value, paperwork logistics, inspections, and much more. If you can think of it, it is covered in the Manual!


FlipFinder is a powerful tool that utilizes proprietary technology to search millions of cars for sale across the world. This intuitive resource enables you to create custom car searches and delivers vehicles for sale based on your unique search criteria. This CarFlipping.comTM exclusive technology includes several deal management features to make you more efficient and effective in your searches including: i). Car Valuation Components; ii). Deal Ranking Abilities; iii). Automated Emails to Sellers; iv). Deal Dashboard and Notification Emails; and much more. By searching millions of car ads from multiple sources and delivering the results right to your own custom Deal Dashboard, the FlipFinder tool will rev your engine and GUARANTEE you find exactly what you are looking for all while saving you SIGNIFICANT time.


It is more fun to talk cars with others that share your passion! The Carflipping Community was set up as a platform for Members to share ANYTHING car related. Share Flipping tips, FlipFinder tricks, show off cool rides, sell a car, buy a car, connect with other CarFlipping members across the world, create new working relationships, assist each other in buying, qualifying or marketing cars, or help each other repair or modify vehicles among other opportunities. With a direct access to an extensive WORLDWIDE network of car buyers and sellers, the options are endless. Continually updated content by people all over the world to help YOU be successful finding and flipping cars for profit. Like your new ride, customize your CarFlipping Community experience anyway you see fit.


The FlipBuyer program allows Members to submit car “deals” they find through the website. If the “deal” the Member has found meets the Submittal Criteria, will buy the vehicle directly from the seller and pay the Member a Finders Fee of $500 to $1000 when the car is purchased. You heard it right, Members can get paid for finding deals and not risking any of their own hard earned money!

The GearBox Tab is a collection of CREDIBLE car related, third party, resources. Stop guessing on whether a car resource is credible or not. Trusted resources and vendors in the car world are priceless. Once you find them, hold onto them! The CarFlipping Community has been through it all and have identified these recommended parties. Like your favorite tools in the garage, make sure these resources are easily accessible so you can get the job done efficiently and cost effective. Don't take the risk with unverified car sources, parts sources, shippers, insurance providers, and so on. If vendors don't perform, are too pricey or flat out don't share the same passion the CarFlipping Community does, they will never make this VIP list.


There are several perks of being a Member. To name a few:

1. Choose your own schedule.

2. Drive really cool cars.

3. Real potential to make A LOT of money.

4. Working Vacation? Why not?

5. Spend your time with family and friends instead of being stuck at work.

6. Travel anywhere you want to look at cars (and do deals to pay for the trip).

7. Write off “fun things” as business expense (car shows, travel, etc.)*

8. Don’t report to anyone or make anyone’s mortgage payment but your own.

9. The people you interact with as a Member are everyday car guys and gals like yourself.

10. Be one of the fortunate few that are truly passionate about what they do.

*Contact your tax advisor

Believe us when we say this again, and its Members, collectively, have not only tried flipping just about everything else you can imagine but have ALSO signed up for, used (or didn't use) most of the other “Programs” and “Get Rich Fast” scams out there. THEY DO NOT WORK. PERIOD. is not a “quick tutorial on how to flip cars”. Unlike other “impersonators” out there offering an ebook or DVD with all of the “secrets” to make money in real estate, being an affiliate web marketer, or how to profit from flipping cars, etc. will be with you EVERY step of the way. Ask others what ONGOING tools and support they have for you! The answer will be NONE or a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT. is not a one off resource, but provides ONGOING tools, unique technologies, capital, community support, etc. so that ALL Members are successful. Lastly, what is more fun than Profiting from Your Passion?

Passion! Passion for the automobile, passion to control your own financial freedom, passion to make a difference in your life and others, passion to learn, and so on. You do NOT need any special skills. In fact, some of our most successful CarFlipping Members did not have ANY car knowledge OR money when they joined. Some didn't even know what an oil dipstick was! There are no specific requirements to become a Member other than passion. We pride ourselves on having motivated and passionate members all over the world. Inexperienced or an expert, you qualify to join the elite team of CarFlipping members.

Absolutely NOT! In fact, you do not need to have ANY money to be successful as a Member. Many Members use the FlipBuyer program to fund cars deals they find without using any of their own money. There are several members make over $5,000 a month identifying vehicles for to purchase! No need to be a dealer, no need to have any of your own money, just a good deal that qualifies for the FlipBuyer program and you are off Profiting from your Passion! Other members have started with as little as $200 to buy parts or a parts car and resell for a profit. Many of the members have started with very little and have grown their wallets, as well as their experience, into extremely successful side ventures, full time jobs or even large businesses! Some of the top Members earn more than $80K A MONTH! Whatever your situation is, there is tremendous opportunity for you to profit from something you ENJOY doing. The member testimonials say it all and they are from ALL types of people in ALL types of financial situations.

Of course! If you are successful than we are successful! With that being said, if you are not happy than we are not happy. Make your decision with confidence, and know that is one of very few sources that is COMMITTED to your success by offering tools to assist you with your success throughout your efforts. is so confident in its commitment, its tools are GUARANTEED for 30 days. Don’t like it for ANY reason, then cancel and don’t pay a dime. Not a problem whatsoever. See the Guarantee Here.

All you need is a valid email address (to receive the login information to the website), and a credit card, debit card OR PayPal account. Click HERE to Sign Up Today and fire up those engines!

It is simple, the™ Membership costs $87 / Month. No hidden fees, no restrictions, just the tools to Profit from your Passion. Judging by the AVERAGE CarFlipping Member profit per vehicle, you will pay for over TWO YEARS of your membership on your FIRST Flip!

Of course not. is here to HELP in your quest of identifying, buying and selling vehicles for a profit NOT lock you into anything. Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice.

You can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice! To cancel, you will need to send your cancellation request to and charges will no longer occur.

Absolutely not. Unlike our competitors, is not a “touch-and-go” membership website. The Mission of is to create and nurture a community of like-minded members that can easily interact and support each other in buying and selling cars for a profit. We are so convinced that our members can benefit financially from our resources that we offer a money back guarantee. As a Member, you get your unique login with FULL ACCESS to all of the Tools. All the tools without ANY restrictions.

The Team

CarFlipping.comTM is a Members only site that provides the materials, methods and means (Collectively, “Tools”) to enable its clients to buy and sell cars for a profit. The Founders have over 50 years of combined experience profiting from their passion of the automobile and have developed unparalleled tools and fostered a worldwide group of individuals flipping cars for a profit. To Learn More about Click here.

Like you, the team consists of real people with real track records of buying and selling cars for a profit. For some of our founding team, it was a hobby, for others, it was a job. For all of us, it is something that we are so passionate about that we want to share our knowledge with like-minded members. Click HERE to Read ABOUT US