Who is the CarFlipping.com™ Team?

Who are the faces behind CarFlipping.com? That’s easy. We’re car guys, just like you! Like our CarFlipping Community, our team came together over this common passion for cars. Our team is made up of full-time flippers and hobbyists, car collectors and car admirers, gear-heads and newbies. Over the years, we’ve found cars in newspapers, at auctions, by word of mouth, online, and on the side of the road. We’ve purchased them to drive, restore, gawk at, show off, race, collect, enjoy, and, most importantly, to make money! You name it; we’ve sold it. And it’s taken all of that experience, of great wins and some mis-steps, to create the content and tools behind CarFlipping.com™ the largest network of car enthusiast who profit from flipping cars.

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY AND THE CARFLIPPING.COM™ TOOLS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OVER 4,000 CARS FLIPPED, REPRESENTING OVER $10,000,000 IN PROFIT! We are honored by such results and continue to enhance the tools processes for our Members Everyday!

How did it all start? We were just a few guys, from different backgrounds, working in different industries, but,with a common passion for cars. So, as many of these things go…there we were; a group of guys talking cars over a few beers. Talking about cars we’d owned, cars we wish we owned, mistakes we’d made, mistakes we’d avoided, tricks we’d learned and most importantly the tools we were lacking that could make our passion more profitable. And the same questions kept coming up:

1. “What’s the best way to find, buy, and sell cars?”

2. “Is it possible to make REAL money buying and selling cars and Profit from our Passion?”

They always say “Do what you are passionate about and you will be successful.” So, despite our doubts, we decided to test that theory. We decided to see if there was a better way to find, buy, and sell cars. And if there was really any money to be made from our favorite hobby. And let’s just say that, at the time, we could ALL use the extra money. Not to mention the distraction from our boring day jobs.

With the insight from hundreds of cars sold, significant money and a lot of great engineers we developed a system to:

-Find the Best Cars

-Buy them for the Right Price

-And Sell them for a Great Profit

Everyone was shocked by the success we were experiencing – friends, family, and other flippers; they all wanted to know how we were doing it. So, after half a decade of perfecting our system to find, buy and sell cars for a profit, CarFlipping.com™ was born and now is the hub for car enthusiast Profiting from their Passion all over the world!

Now, our pain is your gain. As a member of CarFlipping.com, The Manual and our powerful technology tools will teach you the best kept secrets to be successful sooner and how to avoid all of the mistakes we made (Click HERE to see all the Member Features). Before you know it, you will feel comfortable buying just about any car!

That’s our story. Now, Go Get Your Flip On!


The CarFlipping.com™ Team

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