Frequently Asked Questions - Manual

As a you will learn how to profit from your passion of the automobile.

To start, the Manual contains crucial information from hundreds of flippers. From “introducing” the concept of buying and selling cars for a profit to selling specialized vehicles all over the world, you will learn:

  • How to identify a good deal vs. a bad deal:
  • How to use the state-of-the-art FlipFinder technology to bring deals directly to you;
  • How to negotiate and save you money when buying cars;
  • How to avoid costly mistakes when Flipping Cars for Profit or buying cars for your own account;
  • The differences in car prices between state lines (Geographic Arbitrage);
  • How to understand AND BEAT Depreciation;
  • How to understand the secrets of shipping cars all over the world;
  • To Identify which cars have better profits than others;
  • How to specialize in areas that fit YOUR passion and desires;
  • How to navigate all of the Auto Related websites (Buying & Selling);
  • How to navigate all of the PRINT related auto publications (Buying & Selling);
  • How to inspect a car with a full inspection list;
  • How to recognize a fraud when you see one;
  • The best way to pay for your flips (your money or not);
  • Whether or not you should restore or fix a specific vehicle;
  • Ideas on storing your cars;
  • How to protect your investment post purchase;
  • The inside and out when it comes to vehicle paperwork secrets;

For a layout of the Manual Table of Contents click: HERE

In addition to the Manual, you will learn:

  • How to use the state-of-the-art FlipFinder Technology to find ANY car you are looking for;
  • From the Community (network, read what people are saying, get your questions answered, etc.);
  • How to find deals AND make money without using any of your own money using the FlipBuyer Program;
  • How to do your paperwork the right way and avoid costly mistakes and liability exposure with the Dealership Paperwork Program;
  • About getting the parts you need, the right cost for shipping and much more from the CarFlipping GearBox.

The learning options are endless. If you are a Car Guy, or are even vaguely interested in cars, you will find unparallel benefits in the Membership. No member benefits the same, the slate of tools are there for each unique user to benefit in their OWN way. Whether you are finding a car you have always wanted, learning from the Community or working hard on a flip for some extra cash it is all here in the Membership.

The CarFlipping Manual is an all encompassing road map that will lead you down the road to successful CarFlipping! The foundation of the Manual is based on REAL experiences from REAL cars, REAL people and REAL profit. Nothing replaces experience when it comes to searching for, finding, negotiating, buying, shipping, insuring, and marketing cars for sale. With over 150 pages of priceless information, you will learn more than you can imagine about cars, value, paperwork logistics, inspections, and much more. If you can think of it, it is covered in the Manual!