Why is CarFlipping better than buying and selling other items?

Believe us when we say this, CarFlipping.com and its Members, collectively, have tried flipping just about everything else you can imagine. Anything from antiques, baseball cards, coins, dolls, computers, bicycles, office equipment, building materials, stocks, oversupply inventory to yachts, tractors, real estate (residential AND commercial), airplanes, etc. There is incredible opportunity in flipping the previously mentioned items HOWEVER, the CarFlipping.com members are ONLY flipping cars now for the following reasons (to name a few):

●Significantly more BUYERS. Lets face it, everyone needs a car.

●Growing Market. With the current Economic environment, less people are inclined to go buy new cars and are keeping their used cars longer. This is increasing demand for used cars.

●Less risk. When Flipping Cars for a Profit you are buying a TANGIBLE item. As long as it is insured, it will not go to ZERO and you wont loose all of your money (like stocks for example).

●More Money to be made. It is not uncommon to earn 30% in less than 30-45 days when flipping cars. This is 240% to 360% percent annual return.

●International Market of Buyers. There are Buyer all around the world for the right cars.

●Less initial investment. Unlike flipping other items like houses, furniture, etc. you can start flipping cars with as little as $200 (or zero with the FlipBuyer Program)

●MORE FUN. Yes!!! You can drive them, work on them, show them off, take them to shows, etc. etc.