With Car Dealerships Everywhere, how can I profit from buying and selling cars?

Consider this – Manhiem Used Car Auctions recently reported that the average large dealership’s net profit for used vehicles was only $230.00 per car and $14.00 per car for new cars! So, why do dealerships even bother with new cars? The answer is to drive traffic for people buying used cars or trading in used cars. The large dealership new auto sales numbers are horrendous! The large dealerships make a lot of their money through financing, service, parts, etc. What's more is that anyone that has been to a dealer auction lately knows that the dealers are fighting tooth and nail for quality inventory. Even the new car stores (yes, the dealerships with the balloons and 50 foot blow-up gorillas) are desperate for used car inventory as those sales are what allow them to keep their lights on.

As a CarFlipping.com Member you have the potential to make up to 10 times more than the dealers on a sale. The Community has an average net profit (calculated from actual transactions by CarFlipping members) of over $2,400 per car because our members follow the tried and true processes to doing deals. Also, CarFlipping.com Members don't have near the overhead expenses that a dealership does. They don’t have 100’s of employees or a $50,000 monthly rent factor that dealerships do!