Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

There are several perks of being a Member. To name a few:

1. Choose your own schedule.

2. Drive really cool cars.

3. Real potential to make A LOT of money.

4. Working Vacation? Why not?

5. Spend your time with family and friends instead of being stuck at work.

6. Travel anywhere you want to look at cars (and do deals to pay for the trip).

7. Write off “fun things” as business expense (car shows, travel, etc.)*

8. Don’t report to anyone or make anyone’s mortgage payment but your own.

9. The people you interact with as a Member are everyday car guys and gals like yourself.

10. Be one of the fortunate few that are truly passionate about what they do.

*Contact your tax advisor

Believe us when we say this again, and its Members, collectively, have not only tried flipping just about everything else you can imagine but have ALSO signed up for, used (or didn't use) most of the other “Programs” and “Get Rich Fast” scams out there. THEY DO NOT WORK. PERIOD. is not a “quick tutorial on how to flip cars”. Unlike other “impersonators” out there offering an ebook or DVD with all of the “secrets” to make money in real estate, being an affiliate web marketer, or how to profit from flipping cars, etc. will be with you EVERY step of the way. Ask others what ONGOING tools and support they have for you! The answer will be NONE or a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT. is not a one off resource, but provides ONGOING tools, unique technologies, capital, community support, etc. so that ALL Members are successful. Lastly, what is more fun than Profiting from Your Passion?

Passion! Passion for the automobile, passion to control your own financial freedom, passion to make a difference in your life and others, passion to learn, and so on. You do NOT need any special skills. In fact, some of our most successful CarFlipping Members did not have ANY car knowledge OR money when they joined. Some didn't even know what an oil dipstick was! There are no specific requirements to become a Member other than passion. We pride ourselves on having motivated and passionate members all over the world. Inexperienced or an expert, you qualify to join the elite team of CarFlipping members.

Absolutely NOT! In fact, you do not need to have ANY money to be successful as a Member. Many Members use the FlipBuyer program to fund cars deals they find without using any of their own money. There are several members make over $5,000 a month identifying vehicles for to purchase! No need to be a dealer, no need to have any of your own money, just a good deal that qualifies for the FlipBuyer program and you are off Profiting from your Passion! Other members have started with as little as $200 to buy parts or a parts car and resell for a profit. Many of the members have started with very little and have grown their wallets, as well as their experience, into extremely successful side ventures, full time jobs or even large businesses! Some of the top Members earn more than $80K A MONTH! Whatever your situation is, there is tremendous opportunity for you to profit from something you ENJOY doing. The member testimonials say it all and they are from ALL types of people in ALL types of financial situations.

Of course! If you are successful than we are successful! With that being said, if you are not happy than we are not happy. Make your decision with confidence, and know that is one of very few sources that is COMMITTED to your success by offering tools to assist you with your success throughout your efforts. is so confident in its commitment, its tools are GUARANTEED for 30 days. Don’t like it for ANY reason, then cancel and don’t pay a dime. Not a problem whatsoever. See the Guarantee Here.

All you need is a valid email address (to receive the login information to the website), and a credit card, debit card OR PayPal account. Click HERE to Sign Up Today and fire up those engines!

It is simple, the™ Membership costs $87 / Month. No hidden fees, no restrictions, just the tools to Profit from your Passion. Judging by the AVERAGE CarFlipping Member profit per vehicle, you will pay for over TWO YEARS of your membership on your FIRST Flip!

Of course not. is here to HELP in your quest of identifying, buying and selling vehicles for a profit NOT lock you into anything. Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice.

You can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice! To cancel, you will need to send your cancellation request to and charges will no longer occur.

Absolutely not. Unlike our competitors, is not a “touch-and-go” membership website. The Mission of is to create and nurture a community of like-minded members that can easily interact and support each other in buying and selling cars for a profit. We are so convinced that our members can benefit financially from our resources that we offer a money back guarantee. As a Member, you get your unique login with FULL ACCESS to all of the Tools. All the tools without ANY restrictions.