Do I need to have a lot of money to be a successful Member?

Absolutely NOT! In fact, you do not need to have ANY money to be successful as a Member. Many Members use the FlipBuyer program to fund cars deals they find without using any of their own money. There are several members make over $5,000 a month identifying vehicles for to purchase! No need to be a dealer, no need to have any of your own money, just a good deal that qualifies for the FlipBuyer program and you are off Profiting from your Passion! Other members have started with as little as $200 to buy parts or a parts car and resell for a profit. Many of the members have started with very little and have grown their wallets, as well as their experience, into extremely successful side ventures, full time jobs or even large businesses! Some of the top Members earn more than $80K A MONTH! Whatever your situation is, there is tremendous opportunity for you to profit from something you ENJOY doing. The member testimonials say it all and they are from ALL types of people in ALL types of financial situations.