1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside LongBed

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1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside LongBed

Apache Fleetside LongBed
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Great profit. I know long beds don't seem to be as popular as the shortness but I still like them. Nothing like a cool classic 1950s apache truck!

What motor and trans?

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Check Out this 1959 Apache I found at a dealership here in Denver Colorado. They work in vintage cars only. It is a dually four-wheel-drive big window long bed with custom fleet side fender flares off of a stepside Apache. too cool have never seen anything like this!

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Where is that at!? I have to have that truck. It will be part of my collection. I have been working in these for years and have never seen anything like it

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As I have read on every other forum here and specific about trucks. Big window big window big window big window big window it will always sell huge

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Something to think about when you are fbuying and selling these trucks. Is I bought a four-wheel-drive one and live in Texas it did not seem to sell as well. Geographically you need to think about what you were buying. Four-wheel-drive do not work very well where there is no snow, convertibles do not work very well where there is always snow

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I have also found that the more popular years in this series of trucks are 1958 in 1959. Those are years with the quad headlamps as opposed to duals

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So just to be accurate. 1955 through 1957 have dual headlamps correct? And 1958 through 1959 have quad. Yes

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Chris, I feel like if you want to get into flipping these trucks you should probably do some more research. There is a lots of good information out there and they are extremely popular

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Also one thing on these trucks that all of the buyers are weary of is the cab corners. They are the most common things to rust out and are expensive to fix. So most times people will just fill them with Mondo. Try to stay away from these trucks

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Yes and you get different buyer who have an affinity to each style.

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