1962 Chrysler Imperial Queen Car (Collection)

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1962 Chrysler Imperial Queen Car (Collection)

Imperial Queen Car (Collection)
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I believe this to be the first four door I have seen on this website. Is there any reason in particular why this car works in a four door?

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Did you sell the car locally, domestically, or internationally? I have heard that Australia and New Zealand will always by four classic Americana style cars. I wonder if that is true

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I think it is true. I sold my 1957 pro touring four-door Chevrolet to Australia the first time I listed it on eBay. I have about 15,000 into the car and was still able to sell it for 21,000

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Cliff that is a good idea I am going to experiment with it I am going to try to buy a local four-door and customize. First I will put it on craigslist to see if I have any hits next I will try to post on eBay to see if international clients will bite. This could be a good niche to pick up four-door car in United States that no one wants any longer and get them overseas to where somebody will still love

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JP. I think it would be a good idea as well. You can pick up a four-door classic for under $5000 and with only a few thousand and customization such as lowering shaved doorhandles and maybe suicide doors have a really cool car. And if you can't sell it I don't think I would even mind driving something like that. Also a big block would help

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