1978 Toyota FJ40 Black Show Custom

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1978 Toyota FJ40 Black Show Custom

FJ40 Black Show Custom
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What a cool strance. Wow. Great pic as well. Those land cruisers can bring big money. Especially the low mileage originals. Congrats on this deal! Vintage 4x4s are the best.

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Did this have the original 2F motor or a V8? I'd love if you would share a bit more about your success on this one.

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I specifically work in these Toyotas. They are my bread and butter. Finding them with the V8 conversions and power steering or even if possible and automatic is always a winner! Everybody wants these

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These are also great ones to restore yourself. I know the money is not in restorations but parts are so readily available and customization is cheap finding things at a junkyard to put in these such as power heated seats make them worth gold!

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Aren't they notorious for rusting on the rockers? Usually covered up by diamond plating, watch out for that

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Horsepower, that is so true I purchased one with the diamond plating and apparently everybody that was shopping for them knew to look for it. It took forever to sell. Did not make a bunch of profit. One reason to go and do your research on niche vehicles

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Habit you are so right. Also always try to buy them with some kind of top whether it be a hard top or canvas people always will want a top on these

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I have found that it is easy to obtain tops on craigslist and restore them myself. It can take about a day to do but they look great with a little amount of work

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Has anybody ever seen one of these with a custom half cab? Just saw one on eBay and it was going crazy. Somebody just had it made from the original top.what a great idea

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I like the ones that have the rollup Safari style. It seems to get more attention. The idea of eBay is the stranger the car the better it will probably due for some reason

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JP you are right the odder the car the better it sells. And most of the time they will go overseas. They really like crazy muscle cars in addition to our big four-wheel-drives

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Speaking of overseas has anybody else worked with shipping to another country? Or do most of the time we just get it to the port and they take care of it?

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Lisa I have sent many cars overseas. Most of the buyers will call me and they already know how it works they can get it to the port themselves literally just need to send the title with car

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Rich you are right I have also sent a car overseas. It seems as if the shipping companies are very knowledgeable on how the process works and do not want to lose the title because it makes it harder for them. They were extremely anal about getting it done the correct way into their client in Australia out when I get it

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