1997 Land Rover Defender Green Soft Top CA

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Theses defenders are amazing, especially in this color. I wish you still had it available as I would be an interested buyer. Please contact me if you come by any others! God bless!

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How much more or less are the 110 Defender's worth?

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The 110 defenders are worth quite a bit more than the two door defender 90s due to the fact that they only legally imported 500 defender 110s to the United States in 1993. They will fetch $40k for a project to upwards of $100k for a nice, low mileage original. Now, they did send a limited edition defender 90 over in 1997 which they produced only 300. Probably the rarest legally imported defender. That is the one pictured in this discussion it appears because those came in one color: willow green and were all station wagons.

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