1956 Ford F100

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1956 Ford F100

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How awesome are Dakota Digital gauges? I love them. Nice find.

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Did this truck have IFS and disc brakes? Do you mind sharing the final sales price?

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The rarest and most collectible truck is this 1956 Ford with a big window. Big window big window big window big window big window. If you find them you can't keep them for longer than a day everyone wants to own one

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It seems like any of the ford big windows are popular. I just finished my 1958 on a late-model chassis as soon as I put it on local craigslist it's sold that Sunday. The guy love the big window with four-wheel-drive and power steering power from this breaks.

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I have done a couple of four-wheel-drive trucks on late-model chassis. When I bought them both times the owner said the front driveshaft was out because he did not use the four-wheel-drive. That will almost always be a lie. If the front driveshaft is not in it is for a reason and there is something that will cost about $2000 in my experience to fix in order to get the four-wheel-drive to work. Be weary of four-wheel-drive not hooked up there it is most likely for a reason…

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You are so right. The exact same thing happened to me. I was not even able to hook up the four-wheel-drive because it would've been an entire overhaul of the chassis. If the four-wheel-drive is not working be weary

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BRichards you are so right. I have had so much luck with these trucks but I have learned from experience to only buy them once they are complete and then turn around and sell them with a few minor fixes. If the four-wheel-drive or chassis is not hooked up there is always a reason why and that is why they are selling. There are too many of these trucks for sale to put yourself in a position to get a cheap one that you know from this forum will eventually cost you too much money if it's even possible to fix. Find then done and working to purchase

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My 1959 Chevy Apache truck that sits on a 77 late-model frame was supposed to be a flip but I fell in love with the truck and drive it everywhere. The amount of money I've been offered for it supersedes what I ever expected to sell it so I know that I have a good investment. Everyone loves this truck

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Do you have any pictures of it? I would love to see it!!

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If is the one I am finishing. I bought it for $4500 and it needed to be repainted. I think once it's done it will be worth $15-$16,000. I will have about $8000 or $9000 in it myself

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SZ54, these 1956 Ford f-100 are the hottest trucks on the market today. Congratulations I wish we could find more of these ourselves to flip I buy everyone I could put my hands on

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